Welcome to Casino On Air's Electronic Financial Services account transaction system. You may deposit or withdraw funds at Casino On Air using EFS. You may deposit your money through credit cards Visa and MasterCard. Further, we accept Wire Transfer. You can read more about This option below. The official currency at Casino On Air is U.S. Dollars.


All information sent over the internet is encrypted for maximum security. When it reaches Casino On Air it is de-crypted and handled with the highest accuracy. Advanced mathematic algorithms are used for the encryption. When using the Casino On Air software and services, you will be protected by the same encryption used by banks all around the world.

Be careful choosing your Login and Password. We recommend you to choose a Login and Password which cannot be easily connected to you or your person or gaming. We strongly advice against words like Casino, Cash, Secret, Vegas, Pass, Money etc. Choose a password that is unique and distinct. In order to get access to your account, you will need both your Login and Password. You will also need the PIN number when requesting a withdrawal. Your PIN number will be sent to you via email when you register as a user with Casino On Air.

Never forget your Login, Password and PIN number.


As a registered member, you can deposit real money into your Casino On Air account. Just choose Play For Real, visit the Cashier, enter the information and specify the amount you wish to transfer. The Cashier verifies that the information is correct and it's either accepted or not. It is important that you write the information in accordance with the Cashier's standard. If you complete the information incorrectly the transaction will not be accepted. You may deposit your money through credit cards Visa and MasterCard . Further, we accept Wire Transfer.

When depositing money with a credit card, please ensure that you are using the same zip code as the address that your credit card was issued to when filling in your information. If you receive a decline message, DO NOT try your card again as funds will be held by your bank unnecessarily. Contact our customer service department at [email protected]. On your very first deposit, you will be awarded a 10% bonus to your account. Please note that this bonus will only be paid out after you have made bets equal to the amount of the initial house deposit.

You can read more about each deposit option below.


Credit Card

EFS provides maximum security and simplicity. The information is encrypted using the same methods used by banks all over the world.

How: Enter Casino On Air's Cashier and follow the instructions. The data requested is your personal details and credit card number and of course the amount to deposit.

Amounts: The minimum amount to deposit is $20 USD.

Security: For added security, a PIN number will be sent via email to the address stated in the user info. The PIN number will be delivered to you within minutes after registering.

Wire Transfer

Amounts: The minimum amount to deposit is $20 USD.

How: You can wire money straight into our World Entertainment Ltd. account at The Cyprus Popular Bank,Cyprus :

  • Pay To:

    C.O.A World Entertainment Ltd
    The Cyprus Popular Bank
    Strovolos Branch
    Leoforos Strovolou 59
    P.O.Box. 22032
    Swift: LIKICY2N
    Account # 004-32-000119

Important: Please ask your bank to reference the site name and your Casino On Air account number.

After you have wired the funds, please notify us at: support advising the following:

1. Transfer Amount
2. Date of Transfer
3. Your bank details

Time:As soon as we receive the transfer, your account will be credited,
and you will be notified via email. This process should take 2-3 days.


When withdrawing from your EFS account back to your credit card, you may withdraw up to the amount that you have deposited via credit card in the lifetime of your accounts with EFS Caribbean. However, when you have withdrawn up to this amount, any remaining funds must be withdrawn via cheque.

In order to withdraw funds and for us to offer the highest security, you need to identify yourself with your PIN number.

Minimum: There is a $10 USD minimum for withdrawals.

Time: The amount withdrawn to the credit card should appear within 3-5 days. Please allow 2-3 weeks for checks to arrive.

Service Charges

Casino On Air charges no service fee when depositing or withdrawing with the exception of wire transfers.

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