1. What is QuickCash?
    1. CasinoOnAir and MasterCard QuickCash, proudly introduce the most private, secure and reliable payment method in online gaming. QuickCash is a genuine MaterCard that allows you to load the card with cash at any outlet, bank or by bank transfer. It is an acceptable payment method at any Mastercard authorized merchant or Mastercard ATM machine countrywide.

  2. How do I create a QuickCash account?
    1. Please follow instructions below (question #3).

  3. How can I deposit with my QuickCash credit card?
    1. Register an account with CasinoOnAir.
      If you are already a real member, Log-In at CasinoOnAir.
    2. Choose cashier, followed by the deposit option.
    3. Click on PrePaid.
    4. To register an account, click on the "CASH" button.

  4. Do I get any bonuses?
    1. Initial Sign up bonus.
    2. $25 bonus on initial deposit.
    3. 5% bonus on each deposit thereafter.

  5. How Much Can I Deposit To My CasinoOnAir account?
    1. Minimum Single deposit: $50
      Maximum deposit: $1,500 each 24 hour period
      Initial Deposit bonus is applicable up to the first $1,500 only.