1. What is a Western Union?
    1. Western Union lets you send or receive money online, from an existing checking account.

  2. How can I deposit with my Western Union account?
    1. To locate the nearest Western Union office, click here or call 1-800-325-6000. At the office, make sure to fill out the "To send money" form (sample).
    2. Once the Western Union payment has been made, you must immediately e-mail [email protected] with the following required information:

      • Your full name.
      • The Amount of Western Union Money Transfer.
      • Money transfer control number (MTCN) generated by Western Union.

  3. Do I get any bonuses?
    1. Initial Sign up bonus.
    2. 5% bonus on each deposit thereafter.

  4. How Much Can I Deposit To My CasinoOnAir account?
    1. Minimum Single Deposit: $100
      Maximum Single Deposit: $5,000
      Maximum per month: $10,000
      Initial Deposit bonus is applicable up to the first $1,500 only.