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  1. What is FirePay?
    1. FirePay is similar to a credit card, with the added advantage of protecting personal information from merchants.

  2. How do I create a FirePay account?
    1. You must be registered with FirePay.

  3. How can I deposit with my FirePay account?
    1. Register an account with CasinoOnAir.
      If you are already a real member, Log-In at CasinoOnAir.
    2. Choose cashier, followed by the deposit option.
    3. Click on FirePay.
    4. Enter a FirePay amount you want to deposit and click on "Submit."

  4. Do I get any bonuses?
    1. Initial Sign up bonus.
    2. 10% bonus on each deposit thereafter.

  5. How Much Can I Deposit To My CasinoOnAir account?
    1. Minimum Single deposit: $20
      Maximum deposit: $1,500 each 24 hour period

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