The Game
This table game is played with one deck, beginning when the player places an initial wager. The dealer will deal a hand of five cards to the player and a hand of five cards to himself. The final card dealt to the dealer is dealt face up so that the player can see the value of the card. At this point the player can see all five of their own cards and one of the dealers. Now the player can make the decision to fold or raise.

If the player chooses to fold, the hand and the initial wager is surrendered to the dealer and a new hand begins. If the player chooses to raise the dealer, and therefore compares their hand to that of the dealer's, the raised amount will be twice the value of the initial wager, no more, no less. The dealer will then show the player his cards.

To Bet
The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $200. You place the bet by clicking on the amount of chips you wish to wager. The chips are in the lower right corner of the screen. The chips are automatically placed on Ante when clicked.

You can raise the bet after the dealer deals. Raising automatically places double the amount initially wagered on Bet.

Last Bet allows you to play a new game without choosing chips. It automatically bets the same amount as your previous bet.

The right mouse button is for deducting money from the table.

The Rules
The dealer qualifies for a game if his hand contains an Ace and King or higher. If the dealer doesn't have a qualifying hand upon the players raise, the dealer will return the player's raise and double the initial wager. If the dealer shows a qualifying hand and the player beats the dealer, the player wins the equal value of his initial wager + the raised amount (double the initial wager), paid out at odds to the value of the player's hand, as seen below:

Payouts table:
Hand description payout
royal flush a, k, q, j, 10 all in the same suit 100 to 1
straight flush five consecutive cards in the same suit 50 to 1
four of a kind four cards of the same rank 20 to 1
full house three of a kind and two of a kind 7 to 1
flush five nonconsecutive cards in the same suit 5 to 1
straight five consecutive cards not in the same suit 4 to 1
three of a kind three cards of same rank 3 to 1
two pair two separate pairs of cards 2 to 1
one pair one pair of identically ranked cards 1 to 1