How to Play?
To begin playing Double Poker, you need to enter the amount to bet.

Once you have placed your wager, you may then click on the "Play" button to distribute the cards.
You will be given 5 cards. The machine uses a 52-card deck, which is played fresh after each hand.
Then you hold the card(s) you need in order to achieve the highest ranked poker hand possible.
You may hold cards by simply pressing on the button directly below the cards that appear on the screen.

Once you have selected a given amount of cards to hold, click on the "DRAW" button.
The cards that were not marked as HELD will be replaced.
If after this replacement you have any combination of cards that qualifies for a payout , your credit will be increased by the amount shown on the screen of the machine in front of you.

To Bet
The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $50. You add credit to the video poker machine by clicking on the chips. The chips are in the upper right corner of the screen. The chips are automatically placed on in the slot when clicked.

On the left there are 3 choices of coins to bet: $1, $5, or $10.

On the bottom of the machine you have a row of buttons.

Cash Out takes the money you have left in the video poker machine and returns it back to your balance.

Hold chooses which cards are to be held during the next deal. You can also click on the cards you wish to hold during the next deal.

The Bet One button changes how many coins you wager at once. You can wager 1 through 5 coins at once. Notice the pink highlighting on the odds move when you click on Bet One to reflect your choice.

Bet Max automatically bets 5x the coin chosen on the left.

Bet Max
$1 = $5 bet
$5 = $25 bet
$10 = $50 bet

Deal gives you a new hand or changes out the cards in the current hand that are not held.

When you win you have the option of playing Double or Half Double with the dealer and the last 3 buttons change to Double, Half Double, and New Game.

Double Bet
Double bet is an exciting opportunity to hit the jackpot. If you have any combination of cards that qualifies for a payout, after your credit has increased, you can double bet again on the amount of the wining. And you can also choose the Half a bet option to bet on half the amount of your wining.


Hand Payoff
Pair (Jacks or Better) 1 to 1
Two Pairs 2 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1
Straight 4 to 1
Flush 6 to 1
Full House 8 to 1
Four of a Kind 25 to 1
Straight Flush 50 to 1
Royal Flush 250 to 1