1. The objective of Double Poker is to get the highest ranked hand possible.

    1. Enter a betting amount by clicking on the chips located at the right corner of the screen ($1, 3, 5, 10, 20) and/or on the left side of the screen ($1, 5, 10).
    2. You can then, "Bet One," which changes how many coins you wager at once. You can wager 1 through 5 coins at once. Notice the pink highlighting on the odds moves when you click on "Bet One" to reflect your choice.
    3. Or you can then, "Bet Max" which automatically bets 5x the coin chosen on the left.
    4. Click on "DEAL" to continue.
    5. Deal gives you a new hand or changes out the cards in the current hand that are not held.
    6. You will be given 5 cards. The machine uses a 52-card deck, which is shuffled after each hand.
    7. You then hold the card(s) you need in order to achieve the highest ranked poker hand possible.
    8. Hold chooses which cards are to be held during the next deal. You can also click on the cards you wish to hold during the next deal. You may hold cards by simply pressing on the button directly below the cards that appear on the screen, followed by the "DEAL" button.
    9. The cards that were not marked as "HELD" will be replaced.
    10. If after this replacement you have any combination of cards that qualifies for a payout, your credit will be increased by the amount shown left side of the playing cards on the screen.
    11. When you win you have the option of playing "Double" or "Half Double" with the dealer and the last 3 buttons change to "Double", "Half Double", and "New Game".

    1. Minimum bet: $1
    2. JAVA maximum bet: $50, HTML maximum bet: $200
    3. Bet Max:
      $1 = $5 bet
      $5 = $25 bet
      $10 = $50 bet
    4. Cash Out takes the money you have left in the video poker machine and returns it back to your balance.

    1. Double bet is an exciting opportunity to hit the jackpot. If you have any combination of cards that qualifies for a payout, after your credit has increased, you can double bet again on the amount of the winning. And you can also choose the half a bet option to bet on half the amount of your winning.
    2. Example:
      Dealer Card Player Cards Win

      X    X  X Player
      X  X    X Dealer
      X    X  X Player

      X = folded card

  1. Hand Example Specifications Payoffs

    Pair Jack or better 1 to 1
    Two Pair Same cards 2 to 1
    Three of a Kind Same type of card 3 to 1
    Straight 5 sequential cards 4 to 1
    Flush 5 card, same suit 6 to 1
    Full House Three and pair 8 to 1
    Four of a Kind 4 cards, same value 25 to 1
    Straight Flush 5 sequential cards, same color 50 to 1
    Royal Flush Same suit 250 to 1

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