1. April 2002:
      Please find below the average payout percentage (winnings compared to wagered amount) per game as shown in our logs.

      Game Percentage
       BlackJack 97.68%
       Poker 96.80%
       Poker Plus 97.10%
       Slots 95.88%
       Slots Plus 94.72%
       Caribbean Poker 96.24%
       Battle Royale 97.80%
       Free Ride 95.68%
       Double Poker 96.76%
       Baccarat 98.04%
       Roulette 97.20%
       RedDog 96.42%
       PaiGow 93.10%
      Average payout percentage 96.82%

      These statistics reflect the average payout percent for all players & games and do not reflect the results of any individual game or player. In no way do we guarantee that these numbers will remain the same in the future.

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