Frequent Player Bonus Points Program
Casino On Air wants to provide members with as many benefits as possible. We developed the Bonus Points Program to show our appreciation for your participation.

How to receive bonus points:
You receive 1 (one) Bonus Point for every:
$1.00 deposited in Casino On Air
$10.00 wagered in Casino On Air

Playing Slots or Keno DOUBLE your wagering Bonus Points.

How many $'s do I get when I redeem bonus points?
Every one hundred Bonus Points can be redeemed into $1.00. The minimum amount of points redeemable at any given time is 2,000 points, which would give you $20.00. Your points remain in your account until the 2,000 points are accumulated.

How to redeem bonus points?
You can redeem all points over 2,000 collected by the 25th of the previous month. In other words, if you wanted collected 2,000 points by October 25th you would be able to redeem these points after October 25th.

Convert your Bonus Points to dollars by visiting the Cashier in the Members Casino, pressing the Frequent Player Points button, and following the instructions.

How do I know how many points I have accumulated?
Go to the Cashier in the Members Casino, press on the Frequent Player Points button, and follow the instructions.

Exceptions to Frequent Player Bonus Point Program
As the Free Trial Membership is free, it is not applicable to the Bonus Points Program.
Please note that the Roulette game does not accumulate points.

For further assistance, feel free to
contact us.