Without your trust we would cease to exist. That is why we do everything in our power to guarantee that the payment options on Casino on Air are thoroughly safe.

Restricted Access
You must have your unique username (alias) and password to access your Casino On Air account. Your alias and password ARE NOT stored on your computer and must be input each time you wish to enter. (A combination of encrypted files and registry entries creates a computer-level degree of security for you.)

PLEASE KEEP YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD CONFIDENTIAL. By not keeping your username and password confidential you are violating our ability to keep your account secure.

Personal Information Authentication
You must register with your full mailing address and full legal name (no initials or abbreviations), when creating an account at Casino on Air. An address change must be verified in writing via fax. Users found to have registered with an abbreviated or false name or mailing address are subject to having their account(s) locked.

Account Identifiers
We generate a unique account number automatically when your account is created. This number identifies your account and can not be changed.

Credit Card Transfers
Digital Courier Tech (DCTI) provides Casino on Air's fully integrated payment software system for credit card transfers. In addition to the extensive security measures found within Casino On Air's software and gaming servers, DCTI's advanced e-payment system has the highest levels of fraud control and risk management. DTCI uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. SSL is the encryption mode used by most internet banks today. Your information is stored on a stored on a secure server, which is protected by the latest firewall system.

For more information on DCTI check out their website at: http://www.dcti.com