Deposit & Cash Out Options

Casino On Air offers the best payment methods available. Please see the table below.

Deposit Method Deposit Bonus Deposit Period Available Currency Cash Out Period Minimum Cash Out
  Sign-up bonus only Instant $ ** Please choose a different method.
10% Instant $ up to 7 days $20
10% Instant $ up to 7 days $20
NA NA $ up to 10 days $150

* Cash outs will be refunded to the source of the original deposit, unless you deposit with Credit Card.
** Due to Credit Cards regulations, we are not permitted to process your cash out request to your Credit Card. You can receive your winnings using other convenient methods available.
*** Players who use Credit Cards, when requesting to cash out at Casino On Air might need to send our finance department identification and/or documentation.
**** We do not absorb any wire transfer fees.

Cash Out Process:

When requesting to cash out at Casino On Air, your winnings are deducted from your account and are left "Pending" for 5 banking days. During this time you can track the status of your cash out request in the "CashOut History" page.

While still pending, it will appear as "Process". As long as cash out requests is still unprocessed you can reverse your cash out request and have the funds returned to your casino account, by clicking "Reverse CashOut".

It will appear as "Processed" the minute the Cash Out request has been credited into your account.

Cash outs at CasinoOnAir normally take 5 banking days to process before being approved. To ensure that our payment systems continue to operate correctly, we do run random security, fraud and system checks which may cause delays. For some cash outs , players will be required to submit proof of identity. This must be received by casino support staff before the 5th day processing can begin and so we ask players to respond promptly to any such request. If you have a query about the status of your cash out, please contact our service center: [email protected]