Terms and Conditions
  1. Limited time only, both bonuses are applicable only between December 23rd through January 2nd.
  2. The Welcome Bonus is automatically awarded on your initial deposit, the 10% Bonus is automatically awarded on each subsequent deposit.
  3. To cash out the Welcome Bonus you must wager 5 times the deposit amount plus 5 times the bonus amount.
  4. To cash out the 10% bonus on any deposit you must wager at least five times the amount of your deposit plus five times the amount of the bonus pertinent to this deposit.
  5. When cashing out, if you have not met the wagering requirements for a specific bonus you will be notified.
  6. Roulette is not included in either promotion.

  We will not allow bonus hustlers to take part in this promotion. Casino On Air   management reserves the right to cancel any of the bonuses at any time at its own   discretion.