We encourage you to use this payment method and shall add to your deposit 10% bonus for which the wire transfer bonus cash out limitations apply.

To deposit money into your CasinoOnAir account via Wire
transfer, forward your wire funds to the following bank account:

C.O.A. Ltd.
The Cyprus Popular Bank Strovolos Branch
Leoforos Strovolou 59
Nicosia, Cyprus
Account # 004-32-000119
Tel: 011-357-2-811905

Please note:
After you have wired the funds, send to
[email protected] the following details:
-Your name
-Your user name
-Transferred amount
-Transfer date
-Bank account details from which transfer originated.

Availability of funds transferred by wire:
Your CasinoOnAir account will be credited upon receipt of transaction confirmation from our bank. This procedure may take up to 5 days. We will notify you by e-mail on the successful funds transfer. No service charge will be added to the wire transfer by us.

Minimum Single Deposit: $100
Maximum Single Initial (new player) Deposit: $1000
Maximum Single Deposit: $3000
Maximum per month: $10,000

CasinoOnAir reserves the right to change limits, or to set different limits for individual players according to their credit history with us. If you wish to increase your deposit limits, please contact [email protected].

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